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Career planning is one of the most crucial aspects of any student's life.

Choosing a career is not a sip of tea, so it should start as early in the academic life as possible.

At Sanskar Valley School, we plan to start it early and help students together information issues such as different career options, the eligibility criteria, the premier institutions, variables such as attitudes, abilities and inclinations towards a particular career.


The school has adopted Mentoring scheme which aims not only on the academic achievement of the child but also on the emotional and psychological well being of each child. The students can at any point of time contact the mentor for personal, academic and emotional problems.

Learning mentors, is a concept where all the staff members of the school closely observe the students in the school and help them to excel in all directions. These mentors are a bridge across the academics and pastoral support with aim of ensuring that individual pupil engage more effectively in learning and achieving higher target.

As Sanskar Valley School, Bhanupratappur is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is followed right from class I because we think that education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful member of the society. Varieties of tools and techniques are being used to assess the learners' development in the areas of learning like knowledge, understanding/comprehensions, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creativity. Term wise Formative and Summative Assessments are being conducted in accordance of the instructions by the board. A regular record of academic performance in scholastics & co scholastics areas are maintained in grading system. One of the main purposes of evaluation is to help the learners to improve their achievement in both the areas and to develop life skills and attitudes with reference to the large context and canvas of life.